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Welcome to the Baker County Supervisor of Elections Website.  I encourage you to browse through the various features.  With the help of this site, we hope to encourage citizen participation, enhance public confidence in the election process and to educate citizens of all ages.  I hope that you find this site beneficial and most helpful with all election questions and election needs.  It is our desire to bring you as much information as possible about the voting process in an effort to help good citizens become good voting citizens.  This site is a work in progress so if you have any questions or suggestions concerning this website please let us know.

If I or my staff can be of any assistance to you, please feel free to call, e-mail or visit the elections office at 32 N. 5th Street, Suite A.  Our office hours are Monday - Friday 8:30AM - 5:00PM.
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Chris Milton
Baker County Supervisor of Elections

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Initiative Petitions
Citizens may propose amendments to the Florida Constitution through an initiative petition process.  In addition to other requirements, this initiative petition process requires a specific number of petitions to be signed by registered Florida voters before the proposed amendment by initiative can appear on the ballot.  Per the Florida Constitution, the number of signatures needed is based on eight percent of the voters who cast votes in the last Presidential election.  In addition, the signatures must also come from voters in at least one-half of the congressional districts of the state.  A proposed amendment requires at least 60% approval from voters to pass.

Throughout the year, we verify thousands of initiative petitions signed by Baker County voters.  Pursuant to Florida Statute 100.371(11)(b), Baker County’s actual cost of signature verification of an initiative petition is $0.50. 

Please include exact payment with submission of petitions. No petitions will be checked without payment.   

Per office policy; we do not maintain a running balance of payment for the checking of petitions.  Each batch submitted must include a check for that batch. For more information, email

(Updated 01/11/2023)


Custodian of Public Records
Name: Chris Milton
Phone: 904-259-6339